What Are the Pros and Cons of Reparative Therapy?

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Hi, I'm Dr. Julie Hamilton. My name is Dr. John Sharp, I just came off the Dr. Oz show. I just came off the Dr. Oz show, talking about therapy aimed at helping people with unwanted homosexual attractions. Talking against reparative therapy. I think the show went well, I really appreciate Dr.

Oz wanting to address this controversial topic and his attempts to be fair, that's a difficult thing in journalism to not allow bias to interfere so, I really appreciate him. Being neutral and letting each side have their say. I feel good that Dr. Ross was able to We get this discussion in front of a wide audience, in front of you, instead of in a dark alley in a small group.

I'm frustrated, though, by how appealing the reparative therapists were able to seem. I guess, sorry we didn't get to hear from more people who had successful outcomes, we did hear from four people who were upset about, trying to change unwind homosexual attractions. I really wish I could have a chance to expand more on the risks of a paired affair and if you unwork the damages can be of that treatment, it's invalidating.

It can make you confused about who you really are, it can apply a set of notions that don't actually prove to be useful and helpful to your struggle in terms of understanding what's right about you as well as what needs to be fixed. There are some attitudes that are somewhat disrespectful of other paste traditions and other world views, there seems to be this idea that unless everyone who had homosexual attraction is willing to fully embrace those attraction and claim to gain identity that something is wrong with them and the truth is there are people that don't want to be guy.

They have attractions that are unwanted attraction they didn't choose or know whether they were born with them and they really deserve their right to pursue help for that.So I wish I could have a chance to explain more about the risk of drug abuse of poor self esteem, isolation, depression, suicidal ideasion and suicidal attempts that comes along with this risky and unnecessary procedure.

We cannot convince people to change their religious belief or re-write their holy scripture that are a thousand years old we've got to accept that. some people don't want homosexual attraction then that's okay and some do and that's okay too. I hope today you will get an firm sense that there is a lot that you can do to feel more comfortable within yourself, to resolve any kinds of conflict that there maybe, that could link with your sexuality and with your sense of yourself and your family and your religion and your culture.

I hope that you will take away from this that we have options if you have those attractions yourself, you can go in whichever direction you please. You can go talk to your doctor, you can get a referral to a licensed medical, professional, mental health professional know who is going to able to allow you to discover what's in your psyche and embrace who you are and address any conflicts that there maybe.

I also hope that parents will hear the message that unconditional love is the most important thing that they can offer their gay or lesbian son or daughter.