When Is a Myomectomy Better Than a UFE?

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If you're interested in fertility you have to just a longer discussion about the options of fertility doing an embolization versus myomectomy, and still the jury is out. In general, the more fibroids you have and the older you are, it appears that UFE would be better under those circumstances.

Whereas the younger patients with fewer fibroids and so we know more about embolization the myomectomy would be recommended. The older she is in the more numerous fibroids. The more that embolization would make sense because of the nature of treating all those fibers that are there.

You don't want to leave a lot of fibroids surgically and if you knew that a woman had lot of fibroids and you couldn't possibly take anywhere near the amount out why would you do surgery and leave her with all those fibroids that you know are going to grow up leave.