What Is Toxic Hunger?

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Toxic hunger isn't really hunger at all. Toxic hunger is when the blood stream is circulating high levels of toxins and waste products. The body is delivering kidney and can remove them, the point is that the American diet is toxic. It's a disease causing diet, it causes heart attacks, it causes strokes, it causes dimensia, and it causes cancer.

The right diet we would have won the war on heart attacks, we would have people dying of strokes. We would get to know that the population demented, and we could win the war on cancer. The right type of diet would reconnect you with true hunger, you'd lose your toxic hunger. So you have to marry together health an weight and good healthy life expectancy, it's all the same thing, the right diet makes you no longer have to count calories no longer to have diet, we are talking about a diet style that's high in micro nutrients we need, and gives us the blood spectrum, I call it comprehensive micro nutrient adequacy.

Eating so we get the broad spectrum of nutrients humans need, and you can only get that by eating natural foods.