What Are the Health Benefits of Phytochemicals?

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Phytochemicals are key micro nutrients needed for the body's immune system. They're not vitamins, they're not minerals, but they are found in natural foods, and without them we have tremendous increase risk of cancer in a shortened lifespan but without them you crave to eat more calories it makes you become overweight and the phytochemicals actually prevent cancer cell replication prevent fat cell replication and fat cell growth.

Most of the phytochemicals in the gebums that I'm recommending people to eat regularly greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries and seeds geabums when you get a phytochemical rich diet when you're rich in these all these vegetables and fruits, then you're getting protection against cancer and you're getting anti-angiogenesis effects that means it doesn't allow blood vessels to grow to feel the growth of fat on the body, says no way Jose you're putting fat on my body I'm eating the right foods.