What Are the Health Benefits of Phytochemicals?

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Phytochemicals to simply define are really just the chemicals in plants that are very, very healthy for our bodies. It's really interesting because when we eat food what we're really eating is information, the same way that years ago we used to plug an IBM card into a computer to give it information, and it would tell the computer what to do, well that's what food really does for us.

So when you eat good healthy food it's giving our bodies really good information and and plants, things like green vegetables, and blueberries and fruits, they all have these phyto- or plant chemicals that tell our bodies good things. And these phytochemicals can actually change what genes get turned on and get turned off in our body.

That field is called Epigenetics, and what it means is the foods that we eat can actually affect whether genes get turned on or get turned off. So, if for example, there are certain phytochemicals in the Brassica family things like broccoli that can actually, when we eat a cup of it, it can actually shut off certain cancer genes in the colon for up to a month and that's the phytochemicals.

Other phytochemicals are, there is another study that shows that when you eat a lot of colorful vegetables then you go out into the sun that it can protect your skin from the ultraviolet rays about 40-50% more than people who don't eat those foods. So, and that's because these phytochemicals basically teach our bodies how to protect from radiation and toxins the same ways they help the plants to do that.

So, for example, like a blueberry has a lot of phytochemicals in its skin that's why it's dark and it protects the flesh of the blueberry as well, and so when we eat those things they protect our body too.