Is Diet or Exercise More Important for Weight Loss?

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Well, I'm a big advocate of exercise, and I'm personally an exercise fanatic, because I love to do sports, I love to ski and play tennis, and play volleyball, and swim and I just love exercise but exercise is going to be good for your health and longevity, but it's not going to be the answer to your weight loss.

You we say you build fitness and muscle in a gym, but you lose weight in the kitchen because you can't exercise most people can't exercise enough to control their weight, they would be exercising all day long. You can't make up for the fat storage effects of the American diet, we have to change the way eat.

And for most people, unless you're professional athlete or you have a physio job or you're digging holes or probably working on a field all day long, you're never going to burn off calories to control your weight that way.