Is Counting Calories Important for Weight Loss?

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Counting calories is not only not important, it leads to more problems, it actually is detrimental to count calories, because we have to eat more of the right foods and less of the wrong foods. When people start, their diet is already micro-nutrient deficient. The American diet, they're eating processed foods, white flour, sugar, soda, soft drinks, too many animal products.

Those foods are processed with the animal products, have no anti-oxidants. They have no fighter chemicals. They have no anti-cancer effects. We're eating the wrong foods. We try to cut back food even more, we're getting even less micro-nutrients, it leads to a whole series of biological events that cause bizarre cravings and food cravings and addictions and sensations, we can't stop eating.

We can't stop overeating. We all become food addicts. It's the formula for diet for failure.