How Can I Make Healthy Desserts?

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Desserts are healthy. We're a primate with a big some, part of our tongue for the taste and enjoyment of sweet, and that means we're designed to be eating sweet fruit not sugar, not white flour and corn we are supposed to be eating, so in other words desserts are good in in healthy for you especially if you are making a brown cake with a bean or an oat crust or you're making a bean brownie with beans and dates and fruit and cocoa powder, or you're making an ice cream by whipping some frozen fruit with a few omens or with little some frozen banana or some omen milk there is all types of ways we can make icings, cakes, pies, desserts, cookies, breakfast bars, in other words you can use whole contrariness you can use fresh fruits, you can use whole nuts and seeds and you can mix beans in there so, instead of flour and sugar we're using beans and nuts, and fresh fruit and dried fruit for sweeteners.

That way any sugar is absorbed and carbohydrate is absorbed very slowly into your bloodstream not coming in rapidly spiking it insulin response in it. Insulin is the fastest storage hormone, and the beans prevent the calories from being absorbed, all the calories from being absorbed and also keeps the glucose levels from in going slowly and not spiking up rapidly.