Is Antibiotic Resistance a Serious Problem?

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It's very important for people to realize that antibiotic resistance is becoming a serious problem in this country. Antibiotic resistance means that the bacteria that can cause serious illnesses no longer respond to simple antibiotics today, and over 2 million infections in this country today result in 23,000 people dying of infections that could be treated, that could have been treated in the past and the problem is getting worse.

The Center For Disease Control suggests anybody could die of these infections today and it could explode devastating our healthcare system in this country. Something we have to do something about and we have to do something about it right now, and this problem arises because of the indiscriminate use of antibiotics and their use for predominantly viral infections which they have no effect anyway.

But when we take antibiotics into our body, it kills all the healthy bacteria in our digestive tract and selects out for more dangerous organisms that don't get killed by antibiotics and knows now proliferate and those other bacteria, they are the good bacteria, take months and months to come back, and you're pre-disposed you don't want more serious infections in the future, it weakens your immune system.

Plus, about 75% of antibiotics in this country are given to animals in farms to help them grow faster, and then they've developed these super bugs, and people contact super bug and serious disease from those animals as well. You are handling the raw meat or eating foods that are contaminated, such as foods you don't cook well enough or the foods that you touch something in your kitchen when they are raw, and then you'd use that same utensil or same surface to touch another food to it, and you can contact super bugs that way as well.