What Is a Good Way to Approach the Issue of Weight with my Children?

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[BLANK_AUDIO] When you are treating an overweight child, you really want to give the child the tools that they need to make healthy changes on their own. You don't want to tell an overweight child what they have to do, because then they are going eat to spite you or they are going to sneak it behind your back.

We want to give them power, we want to make them feel like they are in control. We also don't want to make things too complicated, that's why I like my red light, green light, eat right nutrition program. It's very simple the healthiest foods are green light food, moderately healthy foods or yellow light foods and the least healthy foods or the red light foods so there's no counting calories, there's no deprevision because they do get to have the red light foods and they get to choose when they have the red light foods, and parents can give up the job of food police so there's no nagging there's no fighting.

Really the most important thing as I said kids need to be in control. Let them take control of what they are eating and they'll start to make the right choices.