What Is a Chinese Herb That Can Treat Insomnia?

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So for insomnia, here's what I like to do. I like to treat both the root and the branch with my patients, there's usually a root and I think a lot of treatments that you can buy the council you get form your doctor treat the branch, they treat insomnia as much they put you to sleep, they don't get to the root, so I give people a herbal sleep aid, I like something called natural leaves from a company called insomnia and then I get them a root formula and one of the ones that I love is a formula called wakey tongue restore the spleen discontion which is a very soothing and it has lot's of anti-anxiety herbs and it stops overthinking.

The spleen is associated with obsessive and compulsive behavior in Chinese medicine, so that's formulae if you are going to sleep and you feel really worried and you are thinking a lot that is the right formula to take, wakey torque restore the sleep to function.