What Are the Symptoms of Endometriosis?

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Endometriosis this is quite a common phenomenon that you find in women maybe up to 25% of women who have endometriosis. Endrometriosis is a chronic disease that affect the pelvic organs and what it's caused by is glands that should be in your uterus that now have gone outside of the uterus and deposited themselves within the pelvic cavity.

So that may mean that it maybe on your ovaries, it maybe on your pelvic organs, it maybe even on your bowel, and even on your bladder, and those are some of the reasons why you might have a pelvic pain syndrome. So if there are things that are outside of normal periods that may cause you to have very, very discomforting pelvic pain.

You need to consult your physician about this. Endometriosis is a chronic pelvic disorder, it is caused by deposits of the endometrio lining else where in the pelvic cavity. Symptoms that you can have with endometriosis include very painful menses, you can have painful urination, you can actually have painful bowel movement, and that's when endometriosis affects the bowel system, and you can also have very large cysts on your ovaries.

And that can cause pelvic discomfort and that' something that we might pick up in an ultra-sound.