How Do Hormone Levels Change With Age?

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How do hormones level change with age? So the hormones that we're most talking about today for women is estrogen and progesterone. So through your reproductive age, your 20's through your 30's, your early 40's, estrogen and progesterone, throughout the menstrual cycle we have estrogen who comes in first then progesterone joins estrogen, and then they both exit, and that's when you have your period.

As we get closer to our menopausal age which is our later 40's and to our 50's, our estrogen levels start to decrease significantly, and that's when you have your menopausal symptoms, and you have your menstrual cycle that completely goes away at some point. So estrogen levels go away probably in your 40's to your 50's.

Progesterone levels as they get towards the 40's and 50's, they somewhat maintain, but they don't drop as significantly as estrogen levels do.