What Is an Asthma Action Plan?

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Asthma action plans are wonderful. Asthma action plans are just that, they are action plans to help you figure out how to guide and treat your asthma. Theses plans are actually great not only for adults, but for children too. So think of your action plan almost like a road map, almost like a map to help you get to symptoms free living.

An action plan, an asthma action plan will tell you some of the following information, it will tell you how to take your medications properly whether they are pill medication or whether they are inhale medications, it will tell you what to do if you get asthma symptoms which medications to then take, it will also help you track your symptoms to figure out are you getting worse?

Are you actually getting better? It will will tell you when you should call your doctor, and it will also tell you when to seek help with 911 if your symptoms get too bad. So think of the asthma action plan literally as a road map to help guide you through your asthma symptoms.