How Does Stress Affect COPD?

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Your stress can really affect so many medical conditions and really can affect the body in many different ways. Can stress affect COPD? It certainly can. Can you feel the effects of stress? That can happen too. One of the things I often recommend to my patients is to really take stock of how well you're doing at home and in life.

If you're feeling stressed either with life stressers or things at the job or at the home, it's really important to recognize these and to seek help when needed. Remember your doctor's always there, but there are other ways to relieve stress. Maybe counseling is the right action for you, maybe meditation or yoga or other simple stretches could be very helpful for you.

These are things again you want to speak with your doctor about, but you want to make sure that you lower the stress levels in your life because again, it can infect every part of your body.