How Can I Tell If My Asthma Treatment Is Working?

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Remember some of the signs and symptoms of asthma. They include things like coughing, feeling short of breath, maybe wheezing or even having chest tightness. You'll know if your asthma treatments are working based on how these symptoms are going. So some of the guidelines that we as physicians use is, are you having symptoms more than two days a week or one to two nights per month?

Are you having to use your rescue inhaler at least two times a week or more? And are you able to live out your normal life or you are able to do the things that you like to do? Now if the answers are you are not able to do what you like to do, and not able to do your activities or you are using your inhaler too much, or you are having symptoms too often, that's clearly assigned that your asthma may not be well controlled.

And this really should prompt you to talk to your doctor.