Does Stress Make Fibromyalgia Symptoms Worse?

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Fibromyalgia has many possible triggers, and these triggers are different for every patient with fibromyalgia for some people it could be a lack of sleep, for others it could be too much exercise. But the question about stress, can stress make fibromyalgia worse? The answer is yes. It absolutely can, it certainly depends on who you are and what your symptoms are like, but it's really important to keep stress in mind when you're thinking about your triggers and also your fibromyalgia flareups.

So stress is one of your triggers for fibromyalgia, you really want to work to minimize the stress in your life, there're many possible ways to do this. Some things I recommend to my patients include physical activity, such as yoga and ti-chi. For some patients therapy or counselling is really important.

And for other people is simply just talking to the doctor or to the people in your life about what's going on with them. So if stress is trigger for you, make sure you think about it, that you understand that there's a trigger and that you speak with your physician.