Why Do Some Girls Reach Puberty Early?

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This is why we think early puberty is happening. Let's just start with the most obvious example which is obesity. I want to really hammer this home. So, if you can I want to show you how having too much fat can be a problem for a girl as she's entering puberty. So, if you guys can both help me if you don't mind.

Imagine created a scenario here of a normal child and a child who's going to enter puberty too rapidly. And the normal child has hormones, androgen that's how [xx] goes you all see that? And Jen that's the fluid that's going to represent the amount of fat cells that they have. Now, this child because they don't all that extra fat, just a little bit of water representing it so go ahead and pour it in there.

And you'll notice is that when you pour fat into hormones, it turns on the ability to make estrogen, that waste of down there, you all see that, that's actually estrogen. That's the amount of estrogen you should have when you're seven, or eight, or nine. You're not going to have pubic hair with that, you're not going to have breast buds with that.

That's what you're supposed to have when you're a little girl. But what happens if you've got more fat floating around, an abnormal amount of fat. Go ahead if you don't mind. Now, again you got the same hormones there, the androgen, but now when you go ahead and pour the fat in there, it's just too much.

And eventually, it spills over and you know, I wish we'd stop there. But, now we're talking about problems happening very young in age. And this is an issue that we're dealing with right now. Dr. Greenspan, please talk if you don't mind a little bit about hormones and nation's food supply.

This is another big issue that's come up a lot. So, you got obesity which you just talked about, but is it possible that some of the obesity is from the hormones, or the hormones themselves independent of all that has caused an issue. So, this is something we're looking at because we do know that when hormones are used in the food supply, they're used because they make the animals bigger, and they make them go through puberty earlier.

So, we don't know yet when we're looking at this in our study. What we do know is that hormone free and pesticide free food is definitely better for the environment, and it's definitely better for the workers. So, whether or not it's going to affect puberty, it's probably still a good idea.

Okay. Can I speak clearly on this issue? Everybody on both sides this debate is trying to find out the right answer. And you know what, we may not have that answer in our lifetime. But I don't want my kids to be part of the experiment. And that's what they are, if they're taken as, because you said it elegantly.

These hormones are used for a very specific purpose. They make these animals grow faster and larger. So, I don't know if they're a problem either. And I'm not sure we're going to find out, but I'm not good at taking chances right now. So, for my family at least its eating organic because of that very fear.

Dr. Greenspan[sp?] let's talk about the chemicals that are clinging in the environment. This comes up again whether it's in our environments, it's in our homes, it's in our plastics, could this really be a problem or this over stated? So, in other studies they have definitely been linked to hormone problems, and we're looking right now as to whether these are linked to early puberty.

We're looking [xx], flame retardants, pesticides, the chemicals that are in personal care products, they're everywhere. Framley[sp?] charges, so when they were taken theoretically to be safe could be problematic? Yes. Alright lets again make it a little clear talk about endocrine disruption what that really is about.

Again a little demonstration these are high tech tools but they are very effective. Okay, so I've got these different hormones, and your body has cells that have receptors for these. So, if you want to have, I don't know, let's take a little bit of progesterone, that fits in the progesterone slot perfectly, no problem.

Let's say you want to have a little testosterone. Guys have a lot of receptors for that, and these receptors fit in there perfectly. And then of course we have estrogen, right? And this is spot in the cells for the estrogen to fit, and all to go. But lets say it's not time to be pubercy yet, not time to be mature, that hormones will hold off.

It's not its time yet. But, what if you got a chemical in the environment?. This red one which is under could disrupt her, that is perfectly into the same spot and turns it on, unlocking the key to puberty before it's time. Alright, so.