Where Are My Partner's Erogenous Zones?

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Sure about your body brings us to the third mistake that a lot of you are making, you're not aware of all your Erogenous Zones. What really gets me in the mood is when my boyfriend kisses me on the neck and [xx] on my ears. She seems to know. But over 20% cannot identify your erogenous zones to your partner, that's a big barrier, how can we be trapped in that this information help us?Explorations, Slow down, take some time on foreplay.

You know guys and I don't know if you do this stuff [xx], but men in general will stimulate their partners the way they imagine they would like to be stimulated. So, for guys foreplay is either having their penis touched or waiting to have their penis touched. Women like the build up so when he stimulates her and goes right to her breast and genital, just take the time to discover it and you will find it.[xx] got a secret spot that you think the guys are missing? Well, before we get to the secret part I can't echo enough of what Lora said.

You should almost avoid the obvious genital and breast areas for the first part so that You really do test out the rest of your body, explore the whole body because you might be surprised what actually turns you on. And if really want the surprise, the feet, actually is a major erogenous zone.

There is actually so many nerve endings in the feet, and some of them when they are massaged, when they are stimulated actually can release the same sex hormone Oxycontin that get's released during orgasm. I hope you guys are taking notes back.