What Causes an Orgasm?

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[MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] We are back with a gynecologist guide to sex after 40, and they're about to reveal the roadmap to an orgasm, you don't want to miss this, but you want to send your kids out of your room because this is going to be a petty frank discussion. Dr. Ashton, you've seen thousands of patients with a variety of issues especially related to sexual problems.

How much do they know about their anatomy? Unfortunately not a lot, I would say that 80 to 90% of women don't know the proper anatomy terms for their own body, they might be able to feel something in the shower when they're cleaning themselves but they might be embarrassed they might never have been taught this information it would be like if you had a problem with your nose and you went to your doctor and said, I'm having a problem with this, it's hard to get help for it if you don't know the terms.

So I wasn't sure if this is right or not so we're going to play a little game here, I'm going to ask a volunteer to come up, any volunteers out there, possibly? Come on up, how are you? Fine. What's your name? Marilyn. Marilyn, how well do you think you know the anatomy? Not that great.

Not that great. You want to give a little shot at it? Assuming I'm going to learn something today. Okay, so let's just start with the basics, just identify if you can where the vulva is on this and audience you can give her a hand if you want, give her a little advice. Vulva.

Vulva, where's the vulva there? You want me to- Yeah just push point to the vulva. Top middle. Top middle All right you know what, I'll help you out, the whole this is the vulva. Get out of here This is the map of the vulva. Now, Dr. Goldstein, explain the difference between the vagina and the vulva for everybody, pay attention now.

Okay so the vulva is the external genitalia so all the different parts, the vagina is the tunnel, the birth canal, and it's inside is very important but often not as sensitive as the vulva, so the vulva is the entrance the key to arousal. So there are three areas on the vulva that hold the key to an organism, all right? The are, the clitoris, the vestibule and labia minora.

Okay, so all you can do is take these three labels and put them with you think each of these areas are all right. The clitoris. I know that's further up.That's a good start. Good, all right, all right good. Where you put the vestibule. Do the labia minora, that's an easy one. Labia minora, go ahead.

That's fine, believe me. I guarantee you'll do it well than everybody else's. Put the best of any old place. The vestibule? You've never heard of it before? No. >>Alright I'll take this one, I'll help you out. Now we're going to start of talking about the easiest step more complicated, this is absolutely essential anatomy for everyone to understand if you want to have an organism, I assume you're used to that.

Definitely. >>All right.