What Can Women Do to Boost Their Libido?

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Well, I think when you talk about libido for women again the survey we did at the Dr. Oz Show, showed that 50% of women were dissatisfied with their libido. Now the question there is are they comparing their libido at this point and time to what it was before kids or 10 or 20 or more years ago? Because it's very difficult for us to be able to judge both individually as women and medically a woman's libido, there's no objective test to measure libido so it is very individual if a woman feels that her libido is non existent the first thing to realise is that that might be acceptable to her there's no minimum here so there isn't a normal that we use in medicine or gynaecology by which to measure a woman's libido but assuming that a woman feels that her libido is low and that's not acceptable for her, I think again there can be multiple different ways to target treatment for that.

A lot of women a think always it's an issue of hormones unfortunately we just haven't found the magic secret to that in terms of hormonal treatment for some women hormonal supplementation can help for others it does nothing so for other women it could be something much more situational or environmental so to speak, so a lot of women will tell me they have no libido at home, but as soon as they're on vacation and they're alone with their partner, their husband, all they want to do is have sex, so that's obviously can be alittle bit easier to treat than a libido problem that exists at any time, at any place under any conditions, we don't yet have the secret magic pill like men really do to ogmate their sexual performance, we don't have that yet for women but certain supplementation is used with variable amounts of success.

Korean legincing has been reported by some to be helpful. The supplement DHEA has been used in very low dose vaginal form for post-menopausal women who have low libido and it's been found to be safe and effective, so I think that it largely at point is trial and error, talk to your doctor, talk to your friends and educate yourself about the pros and cons to various treatment and if its something as simple as being alone with your husband or partner, try to get alone with your husband and partner.