What Can I Do to Enjoy Sex More?

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So today's show is not for kids because this is a very frank, and graphic discussion and conversation of sex. Today I'm revealing the results of our national sex survey, and they're nothing but shocking. We polled the nation to ask the questions that you are too afraid to talk about, nothing was taboo.

Today is the day you take control of your sex life. Our mission to take a pulse of sex in America today and so we launched our very own national sex survey. Canvas see America, from coast to coast to find out what rely going on in your bedroom. We posted our survey on our website, on Facebook, on Twitter, we even asked our audience members and then we enlisted Carolina Bermudez, who co-host a part for the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show to get the load down.

We're going to get down to it. Right, Dr. Oz? Yes.So Carolina hit the streets. I'm in the heart of Time Square, I'm in front of the proper house in America to find out why it's so hard to open up about sex. Would you be willing to participate in Dr. Oz's national sex survey? Excuse me ladies, there are some embarrassing question on here, are you ready to answer them? I'll answer anything.

Have you ever paracticed a sexey. Well have you? Allegedly. How are you taking care of business? I am so not answering this. To rather eat or have sex. Sex with my husband. There you go and there's a happy man right there. Some of you surprised us. That's my fantasy a tattoo, a little tiny thing saying, slippery when wet.

Oh! My gosh. Some of you held nothing back. You know like pour whip cream all over and lick it over or something like that. And some of you shocked us. Do you have any sexual fantasies? Jay Z and George Clooney. Jay Z or George Clooney together? No! Dr. Oz wants to know the truthDr. Oz, I love you and all but there's some things that I'm not going to tell you.

Great job Carolina. Now, I'll ask you one question. I'm just curious, how hard was it to get folks to open up? You did a wonderful job. Thank you Dr. Oz. It was very difficult. Normally people love to boast about their sex lives and how much they're getting it but when you ask them the questions they get very shy and clam up.

I can see that because we've got some interesting results. Let's take a look at some of the shocking results from our sex survey and again, 22, 000 of you responded, it's a lot of people. 51% of you considered yourselves to be in a sexual drought and in fact listen to this, 34% of you would rather eat than have sex, not good, not good at all.

A whooping 73% of you wished you were having more sex and that is a good beginning, but it is just the beginning. We compiled all the data from our national sex survey and based on your results, there are four sex mistakes you are making and to find the answers to these questions I turn to my A-list team of experts.

Leading sex therapists and author of the The Book of Love of Dr. Laura Berman welcome back as always. Thank you. And gynecologist and CBS News medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton as well, it's good to have both of you back again. Good to be here. Dr. Berman, you're a sex therapist, you deal with thousands of patients, are you surprised by these results? No, this is what I hear about in my office everyday in the emails and the letters I get, we are in a drought but what is really exciting to me and I've noticed a shift in the past four five years, is that women are now saying, you know what I'm in a drought and I want to do something about it I feel entitled to a good sex life, I'm not ashamed of it, and I'm ready to take action, and that's a real shift.

Jen you ride a very busy OBGYN Practice, you think women are comfortable talking to their primary physicians who are the OBGYNs about sex? Unfortunately I don't think most women are comfortable, and what's worse is I don't think most doctors are comfortable discussing with their patients, so it really need to be a two way street.

And there are no classes there that you get before you take there. There really isn't and most people whether you're a gynecologist or the patient or even the spouse or partner are not comfortable talking about sex, and you can't improve your sex lives unless you can be comfortable talking about it.

Doctors are humans too. Yeah, we're all embarrassed. Exactly.