How Does Stress Affect Weight Gain?

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We know that their is definitely a link between stress and weight gain, stress and obesity, and it depends whether you're talking, everyone has stress at some point in their lives, either on a daily basis or intermittent stress and whether you're talking about short term acute stress or long term chronic stress, it definitely takes a toll on your body, on a cellular level on an external level.

Specifically when you talk about weight gain, there are really two big factors of play. One is that stress can cause us to make impulsive and kind of sub optimal food choices. So you're more likely to reach for the comfort food of your choice which may not necessarily be the one with the most nutritious profile.

Typically people who are stressed we reach for foods that are very high in simple carbohydrates and sugar, sometimes salt and obviously all of those things usually are very high in calories and again not good nutrition for your body. The other big factor at play when you talk about stress is that without even knowing it, stress triggers our fight or flight hormones, and one of those big ones is cortisol which is directly tied to obesity, and even slight increases in your body weight. So the key of course is not having any stress but that's not usually possible for most people walking on the planet. So absence removing of stress in your life, really what's important is training yourself to make good choices that are nutritious and we're leaving that stress, finding out things that work for you whether it's meditation or exercise or talking to a friend or dancing, something that really stress is going to be good for you inside and