How Does My Vagina Change with Age?

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So there are definitely changes in the vagina that occur with age and actually if you took a gynecologist and blinded him or her to a patient, they could probably get a pretty accurate guesstimate on the age of the patient only by looking at the vagina. It's incredible, but it really is true and if you look at let's say a teenager.

That vagina is going to look very different than an adult woman let's say in her 30's, and really a 30 year old vagina generally, will be at the prime. So that's when the blood flow is the greatest, there may not have been yet damage to the vagina from child birth, you've eliminated amount of time or things like chronic infections or any pathology or diseases could have set in and usually the help of the person that vagina is pretty good.

When you get a little bit older and now you're talking about late 40s, close to the age of average menopause and certainly after menopause, that vagina's also going to look very different from the 30 year old vagina, so in general you might see a little bit more atrophy while evidence of less exposure to our body's own estrogen.

That makes the vagina a little more pale, a little more delicate, a little more sensitive, certainly greater chance that they're may have been damage to the vagina after childbirth, vagina delivery, while it's a wonderful thing, definitely does damage to the vagina, you can't squeeze something that big out of an opening that large without doing some damage.

And then things like chronic infection or diseases obviously can have an impact as well, so hormonal changes can have an impact less lubrication some injury, again whether that's from having a baby or actual trauma, inflection or disease, all can take its toll and then certainly when you get to the other extreme of life, older women in their 70s and 80s, that vagina is really going to be very pale, constricted almost in a lot of ways similar to the vagina of a prepubescent girl, so it will goes full spectrum.