How Can I Treat My Vaginal Dryness?

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So in terms of treating vaginal dryness, I mean ideally you want to find out why the vagina is dry in the first place. The number one reason is clearly hormonal and this can be a woman who is perimenopausal or post menopausal, it could be a woman who has just had a baby and is breastfeeding that's a very, very common time for a lack of estrogen in the vagina and in the vaginal tissues which results in dryness even some kind of hormonal therapy even some birth control pills, ironically can give a woman a sensation that the vagina is dry.

So first you want to identify the cause, after you identify the cause then there's really an option that almost resembles a menu when you talk about treatment. We have a saying in gynecology, like treats like, so if it's a hormonal cause, typically the treatment can be hormonal and that's really easy to do with a very low dose vaginal estrogen cream. There are natural or bio-identical formulations available, there are synthetic formulations available and it just works where you want it to work which is just right in the vagina. Can come in a cream form, it can come in pale or tablet form, and a lot of women like that because it's something that they can control, if they are talking about just an occasional dry vagina that's bothering them, let's say just when they have intercourse, then they have again pre big range of options when you talk about lubricants, I always recommend the most natural lubricant first which is saliva it's cheap and it's effective, there are of course a lot of over the counter lubricants which personally in my practice I don't usually recommend because in order to keep them on the shelf they have to have a lot of preservative a lot of other chemical ingredients in them that can actually worsen the dryness, worsen vaginal irritation. So if I'm going to recommend anything other than hormonal or saliva I tend to recommend a very pure either vegetable oil, sun flower oil believe it or not even olive oil you can get ones that don't have a smell, don't have a taste east and they work really, really well.