How Can I Make a Wrinkle-Fighting Cleanser Out of Sugar?

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Well in terms of things that you can actually make for your skin that are found right in your home right now probably in your kitchen, I'm a big believer in using what's natural as much as possible, when it's appropriate or when it's necessary sure, go for the western therapies if necessary even a prescription treatment some of them were hi-tech options for skin care or treatment, but to start with, natural wrinkle fighters, stress fighter that I'm sure everyone has in their home right now in their kitchen.

Pantry really has to do with very simple ingredients, so we're talking about sugar, some milk which has some good acids in it that exfoliates the service of your skin, and you take a little bit of dried milk or regular milk mix it with a tea spoon of sugar just granular white sugar add in some omen meal or even some ground ginger and make a paste out of it, put it on your face for 15 to 30 minutes, and then rinse it off with warm water, and it is really hydrating, it'll exfoliate the dead cells off the surface.

Again completely sure and natural, and the principles of iovetic beauty in eastern India have used this for centuries and they look great, I think we can