Do Women Masturbate?

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The final mistake you are making is that you are too timid about masturbation. Masturbation is something ladies don't just talk about. A lot of you feel this way. According to our survey, 41% of you kept masturbating a secret from your partner. Dr. [xx] why are women in particular, so embarrassed, so shy about talking about this? It's sort of the same as initiating sex, this is not something that girls do, girls typically discover masturbation much later than boys do in part because their stuff isn't out there as the way boys' is and also because nice girls don't do that, they don't talk about it and so there is some insecurities about it, just doing it by yourself much less letting your partner know that you're doing it, much less one of the biggest requests I get especially from men is that they want to do it together, they want their partner to do it with them, and watch each other mutual masturbation, and if a woman is not even comfortable doing it herself, not even comfortable letting her partner know, she's going to be a ways off from fulfilling that fantasy.

But moving away from these social issues, Jane talk to me a little bit about medicinal benefits. I mean is there a value, as a physician, [xx] to people opening up, women opening up to masturbation? Oh I think absolutely. I mean we have to remember the anatomy of the pelvis and the genital area, there is nerves, there is muscles, there is blood vessels, all of those things need exercise, they need rehabilitation, if they haven't been used in a while, and so masturbation is a good way in which the woman is under control of the whole situation to get that area back into shape.

Keep the plumbing clean. So you worked a little bit Laura on teaching people how to masturbate, and you have a one month plan I'm told. Well, this is a one month plan to get to that place of mutual masturbation because remember if she's is not comfortable in the first place, she's not going to be doing it in front of her partner, so it's a month plan.

The first week, just experiment with masturbation alone, everybody is out of the house, you're relaxed, you're in private, OK? Second week same thing, but with your partner in the house, and to take it a step further, you let your partner know, you give him a little sexy whisper, tell him what you're doing and tell him not to follow you that you're going.

There is no guy who's not going to follow her. You got to. We ended a two week [xx]. All better, all better. It's like foreplay, I'm going upstairs, you finish the dishes. And lock the door, but the idea is that it gets her that much closer, if you tell him you're going to do it, it gets you that much closer to doing it in front of him, and the third week is too once you get to that comfortable place, do it side by side, not looking at each other, so you are in the same room with each other.

This is also fraught with risk, but go ahead. Well if you want your partner to experience this with you, you are here partner in this, right? So even if you are getting really aroused by the whole thing, this is you supporting her in evolving in her comfort level, right? So a good husband or a good partner will restrain.

Is there a fourth week, [xx]? Yeah fourth week, one you have been waiting for is that you actually do it with your partner, watching each other, across from each other, interacting from one another, what you've been waiting for. I want to thank my two experts. You guys are wonderful as always Dr.

Burban, Dr. Astin.