What Should I Do If I Have Excessive Vaginal Itching?

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A lot of patients complain of excessive vaginal itching. Now, most of us know that vaginal itching, a lot of times will be a yeast infection, at least 50% of us have had one at sometime or another. And you know that's the cottage-cheesy, thick discharge. Another cause for vaginal itching is bacterial vaginosis or BV.

The itching, in that case, is usually not as strong. The discharge is usually not as thick. It can be kind of runny, a little bit yellow tinge. And the really tell-tale sign, is the smell, the fishy odor, that gets worse especially after sex because of the reaction between the sperm and the vaginal fluid.

So, those are things to look for to make sure you don't have one of those two infections, which of course your gynaecologist can help you with a diagnosis as well. But other reasons for vaginal itching can be an imbalance of the vaginal pH. So, what does that mean? So, we always have bacteria and yeast in our vagina, at all times.

And they need to be in a proper balance. That's what keeps it healthy. And the pH is essential to keeping that balance healthy. So, we wanna keep an acidic pH. We wannna make sure the vagina is an acidic environment. So, one way great way to do that is to use probiotics vaginally. So, probiotics are good bacteria that help keep the good bacteria, and the bad bacteria, and the yeast, all in a good balance.

And so you can use a gel, which you insert inside the vagina. You can use capsules that you can insert inside the vagina, or you can even take oral capsules. Oral probiotic capsules are gonna help keep the good bacteria and the bad bacteria in balance throughout your whole body. Your vagina and your gut.

And this final reason may really surprise you. A lot of women have itching from their panty liners. Yes, it's from the dyes and the perfumes, and from the plastic liners that don't allow your lady parts to breath. So it causes a contact dermatitis, which means itching based on contact with a substance.

So what you wanna do, the solution here is if you need to use a panty liner. You want to find the ones that are free of dyes and perfumes, and the ones that say breathable on the package.