What Are the Symptoms of Depression?

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The general symptoms of depression are numerous but the most important ones are a change in the usual functioning where someone may have been much more sociable, they are now much more inhibited or spending a lot of time sleeping, or having insomnia and certainly crying is a major symptom of some sort of depression.

But what we tend to see more often is that the individual with depression is not able to function, not able to communicate, and more than anything else will spend much more time alone not communicating. With depression we also find that people are yes obviously, very, very sad and therefore tend to turn everything that may be a positive, anything that they perceive into a negative, as well therefore they are hopeless and helpless most of the time.

On the flip side, we tend to see that some people express their depression through a lot of anger, sometimes they may be even suicidal because it's that same anger that's turned inwards to themselves.