What Are the Benefits of Sound Healing?

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Sound healing is a very natural and alternative way to be able to bring relaxation to the body. You have to understand that the brain waves are usually operate under what we call beta, but in order for us to go deeper into our sleep, deeper into our thoughts, deeper into our relaxation, we need to go towards alpha and beta waves and the way that you can do that is is with sound therapy, whether it's a Tibetan bowl, whether it's the bells, whether it's a tuning folk what you're trying to do is get the vibrational sounds that takes your brain waves to alpha and beta and therefore brings you more towards what we call power sympathetic functioning, slowing down the heart beat, being able to slow down the way that we breath and be much more relaxed and tuning in to our own minds, our own thoughts, our own pulses so that we can feel more like we are centered, more like one and therefore can be more with the universe at peace.