What Causes Cellulite?

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Hi Dr. Oz? How are you? Good, how are you? Good. My name is Melisa. Hi Melisa. And I have a question about cellulite. Why is it that men do not get cellulite, but women do and what can we do if we have it? Is there anything? Isn't that unfair? Very. [LAUGH] Well, it turns out about 90% of women if you look carefully, have cellulite.

I believe it. So here's the deal, because of the estrogen that women have, the fact that it's located in your thighs especially, but on other parts of the body as well, will tend to keep growing, and it will tend to push through these little, it's not like cobweb but imagine a honeycomb appearance, that's how the skin and the muscle is held together in the thighs.

So within the honeycombs if the amount of honey continues to grow which it will again even if you're thin, then that fat will bulge through the top of the honey comb, you'll see it more prominently. All the therapies that are used, there are laser therapies, there's massages, there are creams, what they do is they make the fat swollen and by swelling it up, they actually make it not as visible, but it's still there.

Unless the swelling goes away, you're back stuck again and it costs a lot of money sometimes, so think twice. Okay.