What Are the Benefits of Vitamin C for the Skin?

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So in terms of topical Vitamin C, I get asked a tonne of questions about, is it good for you? The bottom line is that it can be good for you, there's many different products on the market that have topical Vitamin C in them. What Vitamin C is does it helps to brighten the skin, and the pH should not be too low, or it could be irritating to one's skin.

It also could help with overall tone of your skin, in terms of brightening it and it improves the texture of your skin. So vitamin C is one of those things that you should not only intake into your system by eating it, you should also put topically on your skin. There are many different products on the market that contain topical Vitamin C, so you should check with your board certified dermatologist and see what works out best for you.