What Are Some Manicure Safety Tips?

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Well the bottom line is, when you go the nail salon, there's a couple of things. Make sure you wash your hands, make sure that the manicurists washes her hands. Things that you are using, implements, that is nail instruments should be coming out of the sterilizer, or should be cleaned with alcohol on the spot.

That's worrisome if they are not. If the manicurist opens up something and it has a rancid odour, or it just smells very, very strong. It could be decomposing, and it might not be a good product. And the bottom line is that you want to make sure that they're clipping back your cuticle too far, because that could lead to pus underneath your fingernails, and a significant infection.

And I would venture to say that the majority of patients that come into my practice complaining about nail issues, complaining about fungus and thinning first and foremost, and then many of them like once a week maybe I'll get somebody coming in complaining about an infection from their nails being trimmed back to much.

It's also important, that when we wash our hands, we wash with soap, we towel dry our hands and try to moisturize our hands. A lot of the hands sanitizers are very, very harsh, and should be used sparingly, but if they are used at all, you have to use moisturizer afterwards to hydrate your hands.

Otherwise, it could lead to cracking and chipping, like basically tips of the fingers and the nail buds.