Should I Examine My Skin Regularly to Prevent Skin Cancer?

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One should examine their skin regularly to prevent skin cancer because the bottom line is that at least 50% of my patients come to me with something they are worried about that they see changing and they alert me, we biopsy it and many times it is a skin cancer. This is actually an epidemic because in 2013 there were 3.8 million new cases of skin cancer diagnosed.

That number is expected to increase as we tally results for 2014 in be above 4 million cases a year. And unfortunately one person dies of Melanoma every 58 minutes, so this is serious, this is an epidemic, people need to check their skin once a month. They need to look for changing moles, something that's painful, something that's tender something that's itching that never itched and take it seriously.

And once a year, I don't care what race you are, you need to see a board certified dermatologists for a total skin cancer check. That's when we do a head to toe and we literally part your hair. We look through your scalp. We look in your mouth, we look between your toes and quite frankly everywhere in between and just make sure everything is great.

Just for the record, men miss melanomas and skin cancers more on their backs and women miss melanomas and other skin cancers more on the backs of their legs.