How Do I Know When My Razor Blade Needs to Be Replaced?

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People don't replace their razor blades often enough, so the bottom line is it depends on how thick your hair is, let's assume you're shaving your legs everyday and you have very thick hair. You should be changing your blade every five days, certainly absolutely every seven days.

And if you have thinner hair, you should be changing your blade about every 10 days. With men with shaving, again it depends on how thick their hair is, but for my male patients, I really want them to change their blade once every four to five days period, especially if they're shaving consecutively, because men have thick hair on their beard area, and then the androgen and the testosterone that they have the male hormones, just makes it spread out faster hence the 5 o'clock shadow, so they really need to be vigilant.

What you want to do is you want to use a thick, rich cream or gel-based rather to shave your legs, shave your face, shave your armpits, wherever it is that you are shaving. You want to make sure you are not shaving with just a thin amount of soap and water because it doesn't do as good at job and you're making razor bumps.