How Do the Results of an Acupuncture Face Lift Compare to Surgery?

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So the difference end result of an acupuncture face lift and a more traditional face lift is number one with acupuncture of face lift, you won't actually walk out with your medic results like you would in surgery. So the positive is that as you'll actually still have [UNKNOWN] in your face, a lot of the lines will start to look thinner, shaggy lines will often will collapse, any discoloration in the skin whether is due to acne or rosacea or even smoking will actually balance out items of coloring with the acupuncture facial.

So the best part of about it, it doesn't cost as much, there is no surgical procedure, no bruising and you can actually have facial acupuncture face lift at your lunch hour and go right back to work. So a lot of people will notice because treat the body as well besides feeling the face that the digestion better and their sleeping is better.

They overall feel better and rejuvenated so it's a benefit for the both, the face and the body.