Which Are More Nutritious, Dried Beans or Canned Beans?

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Well I got to tell you that canned beans are incredibly convenient and most Americans are buying their beans that way, but that's truly unfortunate because canned beans are swimming in salt water. They are just over the top in terms of sodium content, so it's ideally nutritionally speaking, it's always best to cook up your own beans with naturally salt free dried beans.

But if you want to go with the canned beans, that's fine but you want to understand that rinsing them does not get off all the sodium. In fact a study showed that rinsing canned beans for 10 minutes is only going to get lid off 41% of the sodium, so it's left less than a half. And honestly who reigns for 10 minutes? So I think if you are using canned beans means, your best path you go with, start with low sodium, hand down no excuses start with a low sodium canned beans and rinse, rinse, rinse or better yet, cook up the dry beans yourself.

As I said beans are naturally salt free and you could throw them in the quick, time saving tip would be to throw on your slow cooker at night at set it and forget it and in the morning you have beans, beans, beans and make a whole big batch because you could, they freeze really well and they last two to three months.