What Can I Eat to Lower My Blood Pressure?

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Well I wrote all about these in my most recent book Blood Pressure Down, and there're plenty of foods out there that can really dramatically lower your blood pressure, so one of my favorites would be spinach, I mean it's everywhere you want to be, Papaya was strong, had great biceps he also had really low blood pressure because he ate spinach.

So spinach is filled with potassium which is the magic, tremendously effective blood pressure lowering mineral that Americans just simply do not eat enough of, so spinach is probably one of my favorites. A bananas, again you want to get that potassium, bananas are a great source of potassium, you also want to eat calcium, so go for the fat free yogurt for example, and the Greek yogurt or the plain yogurt actually has more calcium, and calcium is a great mineral for lowering your blood pressure.

So these are the kinds of foods that you want to get in your diet everyday to make those millimeters of mercury go down.