What Are the Health Risks of Eating Undercooked Beans?

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Well, you know what, under-cooked beans can be toxic, I think people don't know that, and that's because beans contain something called a protein called lectin, which can cause all kinds of GI problems, so the solution for this is to make sure that you cook your beans long enough, don't short change the cooking process because you have to cook the beans long enough to break down the lectin so that you don't get these GI problems, it would feel like food poisoning, bloating, nausea, and all kinds of, and pain in your stomach areas, so definitely food poisoning symptoms, and by the way you want to be careful especially if you're cooking up red kidney beans because those contain the highest concentration of lectin, so make sure that you cook those beans really, really for hours on end.

A really good time saving check though is to use a pressure cooker because that cuts your bean cooking time down from hours to minutes, so just make sure you follow the pressure cooking directions to [xx] and around ten minutes you have your beans.