Are Polyphenols Good for My Health?

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Well, polyphenols are basically plant chemicals and honestly they're mother nature's medicine chest. The plants make these spectacular antioxidant chemicals which we find in plant foods and they tend to give the certain plants that has beautiful colors, for example the Flavanoid Anthocyanins are what makes our grapes purple, strawberries red and Polyphenols are what helps in terms of as an anti-inflamattory, and we know that heart disease is an inflammatory disorder, so Polyphenols are very effective in their antioxidant capacity and in preventing a plaque built up in the arteries which is the reason people get heart disease and heart attacks.

Of course I have my favorite food which would be dark chocolate which is just packed full of delicious Polyphenols antioxidant, but think about chocolate though as wonderful and delicious, and heart healthy as it is you got to eat it by the piece and not the pound because it is quite caloric.

I also happen to like the liquid polyphenols which should be found in red wine. So one glass a day, five fluid ounces for women, ten ounces maximum for men, and you're good to go with heart health, and it's delicious and you got a nice dose of polyphenols in your wine glass.