How Can I Cook Beans so They Don't Produce Gas?

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Beans actually contain a type of carbohydrate allegro saccharide in particular it's called raffinose and our bodies do not contain the enzyme required to digest this kind of carbohydrate. So what happens is the beans do not get fully digested and then the bacteria can feast on those beans and produce methane and other byproducts and that's where the gas comes from.

How to get rid of that side effects of eating super hot healthy beans would be to a couple simple tricks I have. One is to when you're cooking up your bean you could throw in a strip of what's called Kambu, which is a Japanese dried seaweed and you throw that in the cooking water with the beans and that will help de-gas them.

Or you could do what's called a speed soak in your pressure cooker and do that for two minutes, make sure you throw in a tablespoon of baking soda, and speed soak them for two minutes in your pressure cooker and that should get rid of the gas..