What Foods Trigger Acid Reflux?

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Now when you go the dark side those are your bad foods, you start with the corrosive seas, that's right. Coughing caffeine, chocolate also something people don't realize is that your can foods, because of the preservation needs are really high in acid, so if your eating processed or can foods, I'm telling you right now, it's extremely high in acid.

Garlic is very high in we relaxing the door that allows the acid to come forth. All of these are just a few of the examples of items that are either acidic and items that are either acidic and relaxing the door that stops the I'm going into your oesophagus, oh and there's one more thing, we call them the Water Woolves, you have the hamburger which you know triggers reflux, but then you come in you have the onions, and then you have garlic, as we mentioned before and then as soon as you take that, you then take meds, right? Well, that even makes it worse, and because it relaxes the door that keeps the acid in the stomach and causes you to have this esophageal reflux.