What Can I Do to Restore My Body's Acid-Alkaline Balance?

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The big thing about helping yourself to restore your alkaline and acid balance is that you have to look at a balanced diet. There are acid foods and there are alkaline foods. The most important thing you need to know, which is which, which most people do not do. And the other rule is, for every one acidic foods you have, you have to balance it with two alkaline foods and you can make sure that you're giving your best shot in getting your body to it's right level of acid and alkaline levels.

Well I like to separate the alkaline and acid foods into to the good foods and the bad foods, alright. The alkaline foods are definitely on the good side. The number one alkaline food I love because we have to break that cycle of acid in the morning is bananas. Bananas are absolutely great, lean meat, leafy vegetables are awesome, beans, oh they have a high alkaline value.

I whilst something that I want to tell you that most people don't realize, manukahani is a great alkaline food that also has healing powers.