How Can Family Support Help with Gastric Bypass Surgery?

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But one thing that you have to realize if you're going to have a successful bariatic procedure, especially long-term results, it's not going to be just up to you. The family and having a successful and strong support mechanism, is just as much as important as the operative procedure.

If you're going to have long-term success. This is often overlooked and you must not fall into that trap. I was blessed to have a great family support mechanism, where my wife was intimately part of the process. You may need the operation but your family also needs help too. The first stepping stones, you have to realize that there's been a lot of damage done to relationships based on everything you've gone through and it's not just you.

They have been impacted with this disease. So the sooner you can get this on the open, work out the relationship issues so now they're smoothly interdigitating with a successful program, you are going to be guaranteed to have success. Remember, you may be in a need of healing, but your loved one, family and supporters also need healing too.