Is There a Laser That Removes Fat Off the Body?

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Catherine thank you for joining us. So not many women actually name their fat. And I can see how you sort of connected to this and thinking about it a lot so that's why I'm asking as a physician how do you know Catherine is a good candidate for these? Help me understand who might actually benefit form the procedure.

Sure, so Catherine has a great candidate for this because she is committed to a healthy lifestyle. So for her, this is going to jump-start her weight loss program which was before an insta mountable challenge to her. Are you ready you're psyched? Yes I am. Watch your head? Okay. There you are, watch your head, watch your head, good okay.

Side a little more and now put these goggles on you. And this is a laser device so just out of etiquette we put lasers glasses on. It look good on so anyway Catherine. Do you feel any way Catherine? Oh! No nothing yet. So take us through the steps. You so we are just going to expose the area that she wants to reduce.

All this. Now To get on it. That's your whole body. Oh, okay. She disappeared on us, she's gone. Now even though we're only focusing the laser for Catherine on her belly, she's going to loose inches everywhere because the fat cells has this beautiful capacity to communicate with each other and I can guarantee that she can loose at least three and as many as 11 inches in two week, which is huge.

11 inches? Where do you loose 11 inches, most people don't have 11 inches in there [xx]. Correct. She's not going to lose 11 inches from the circumference of her abdomen of course, we're only limited by you see this probes here where they can actually reach. Kathleen is smiling so widely you could get winkles.

Alright talk to me about how much your investment cost, time? Okay so if the protocol six sessions, you typically do it over two week period Monday, Wednesday, Friday. You can find this treatment is available all across the country in multiple different types of situations like doctor's offices, health spas et cetera.

Generally the cost is between $2000 and $3500, obviously depending and $3500, obviously depending on where you live. Its a 40 minutes session, 20 minutes on each side and you are out of the door. It's still no pain. No, I am fine I believe this shirt was mine. Most people sleep during the procedure.

Alright, so here's the deal. It takes about two weeks to see the benefits and you know we're a little skeptical about all this ideas so we've to really check this out I have some pictures, before and afters of this device being used, are you curious to see them? Yes. Okay, so here's a picture, this is an image of someone's belly.

You see it before in the left and after on the light is after two weeks of using let me have beside, if you don't mind. That's a big difference and that's pretty typical the patients you see. Typical, yeah we guarantee three inches at least. You guarantee three inches? We guarantee three inches at least.

That's pretty good deal. Catherine what do you think? Woohoo! Here is the deal we are not going to keep you here for 40 minutes but what we have gotten promise she is going to take it to her office and she is going to finish six therapies for you. To get you [xx] 11 inches so we can get off yet.

Wow thank you Jacklin thank you very much. Catherine thank you very much. We will be right back everybody..