How Is the Zerona Procedure Performed?

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I'm Dr. Jame Heskett, and I'm going to tell you have the Zerona procedure is performed. Basically the Zerona is the cold laser, that means that no heat is admitted for it. It's the first total body fat reduction technology that is non invasive, it's not painful and it preserves the fat cell which is super important for the health of the body, and basically what we do is we take the client into the room, we do quick assessments of their body, take some measurements or weigh them, check their body fat and then we place them on the table.

They will expose their areas that need to be treated generally the abdomen, the lower legs and the arms. It's a total body treatment, so there will be 20 minutes on one side during which time they will feel nothing except for relaxation and peace at the dark room and then we'll flip them over to the other side, and we'll treat either the back of the arms with the broad line, the lower waist, or muffin top and the buttocks or the back of the thighs.

It's a simple procedure, it's easy to do and everybody generally enjoys the 40 minutes of relaxation while they are having it done.