How Can I Lose Fat Without Surgery?

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What if I told you, this cutting edge device can melt inches off your waste and keep them off for good? Well today, I'll show you live on the air, the miracle procedure to fight fat without undergoing the knife. Trainee is doctor Jamie Huskets. She's performed this procedure on thousands of her New York city patients.

Doctor Huskets, welcome to the show. Thank you. So, the device is called Zerona. How does it work? What fascinates you about it? Well, I'm really excited to share this machine with you, it is the new frontier in fighting fat and getting rid of unwanted inches. So, Zerona actually what it does is it's a cold laser, it perforates the fats cell.

When the fat cells is perforated the contents of the fat cell leak out, they're taken under the circulation it's either metabolized by exercise or by the liver and the fat cells shrinks and you shrink.  How many of you want to get your arms under here right now? [xx] I'm going to show you with an animation what this actually does giving us some really cool footage, and then we're going to talk a little bit about how it might be using your lives.

OK, so here's what happens, you've got an animation that sort of brings us alive because it starts with the skin but there's all fat that you have and laser goes through that skin and then it hits the fats and that let's you see what really happens. Here are fat cells literally dissolve, we see them shrinking up and as they become mush, they begin to spread out and dissolve, and what really happens is individual cells get messages, once they have that signal your white blood cells things come in there and they suck them up and you know what happens? The fat shrinks.

So what we love about this machine is and this new technology allergy is what we call the Zerona Trifecta, and that is noninvasive, it is completely painless, and most importantly it does not destroy the fat cell. We know that the fat cell is important to the endocrine function of the body, and we also know that if you reduce or take away the fat cells from the body, then if you ought to gain weight in the future is going to potentially go to undesirable place.

So that's what makes this different than any other technology that has been available in the past or any procedure that you can do this Perfect.