Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation Your Complete Guide

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Now is time to take the first step towards transformation to a brand new you. Here's our you can transform your health and win one million dollars. So you want to be eligible to win a million dollars, just join Dr. Oz's transformation nation million dollar you today to register, log on to doctoroz.com, in partnership with weight watchers, empowered by our partners at share care, and click on doctor Oz's transformation nation, million dollar you and set up your profile on the contest site online program.

Complete each of the seven steps of the plan, tell a friend, connect with your doctor, learn your family history, access your sleep, manage your stress, find a fitness plan and transform your weight. On all seven badges that will transform your health. Then go to our weight watchers location for your first complimentary way, set your weight loss score determine your BMI if your BMI is not healthy, let us help you lose atleast 10% of your body weight, as you strive for a healthy BMI then come back to a weight watch location for a complementary final weigh-in and you are eligible to win one million dollars.

Ten finalist will be selected and America will decide the final winner that lucky new millionaire will be announced in May sign up today at Dr. oz.com. Will it be you? A couple of rules you need to know their are no purchase necessary, you got to be 18 or older to win our contest begins this September 26th, 2011 and it ends on May 23rd, 2012.

You can go to doctoroz.com for all the official rules that are posted on the contest site, I am so excited to start this journey with all of you I truly believe we all have the power within ourselves to transform the entire nation but I don't want you to do it alone it's had to do by your self the biggest enemy of success is trying to to it all by your lonesome, so you need a friend, so I'm starting with my close friend and the best friend and practically everybody in America Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah has the official first step tip for your house and competing to win a million dollars. Hi Doctor Oz? Hi everybody? You know, you're all at the start of what I hope will be an incredible journey of self discovery because nothing like that for each and everyone of us the changes that we make in our own lives can only transform a nation because we are part nation and that's why am so glad to be here share step one of Dr.

Oz's transformation nation,tell a friend because one thing I know for sure is that everything is better when you share it, so the first thing I hope you will all do is tell a friend and ask them to join you on this journey. I guarantee and it will make that much sweeter in the end.

By joining together we can change the health of ourselves and the nation. So starting today I'm asking my friends to become a part of Dr. Oz's transformation nation and I hope you will too, all starts with you. Good luck and I wish you well in your journey. Thank you for taking their first step and telling everybody how to get started, listen I cannot overstate the importance of telling a friend, you will need support for your weight loss journey.

We know people who lose weight together are more successful. I'm asking you to please send this email, you'll find it on doctoroz.com, to everyone in your address book to sign up today. Start an email chain that goes around the country. Start your own Dr. Oz transformation nation million dollar you groups.

You can do it in your town, or you can do it online. Liz come over here, tell me how everyone can register and be part of this, how do they get their starting weight and their BMI? Okay, to get your starting weight you can go to weight watchers for a complementary way in and we're inviting you stay for a meeting.complementary.complementary weigh-in.

Right, and a meeting and then you can do that anytime today through Monday October 3rd. You're going to find us by going on doctoroz.com. When you sign up you're going to see where our locations are, the hours and things like that and when you get there, there are going to be a whole bunch of great people like these leaders there to help you through the process.

Listen we're holding you by your hands. Show yourselves, grab a friend, so everyone will get themselves there. I want to thank all and weight watchers. This is sign up today on doctoroz.com by share care. This is your chance to look and feel like a million dollars. I want to see you here with me in May as a million dollar winner, come on America.