When Does Masturbation Become a Problem?

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Talk to us about one of these problems. I just want to be clear on this because it's a topic that we just opened up a little bit, you want us to answer the question, you [xx] a 99%, I think he studies 80% and more, it's very common, it's more likely than not, so when is it a problem? I think that masturbation is a very healthy activity, I think part of the problem with porn is the fact that it's so easily accessible via the internet that I need a lot of guys who are masturbating just because it happens to be there, it sort of nothing else to do right now might as well masturbate, I meet a lot of men who are actually masturbating maybe two to three times more than they normally would simply because of the access and you're both a young couple, you're clearly very into each other but where it does start to become a problem as guys start to get a little older in a relationship, it can kind of diminish their libido so then the core sexual energy is going into porn not into your partner, also men who sometimes over masturbate, sometimes have ejaculation issues, they experience delayed ejaculation because the feel of actual sex with a person is different than the feel of masturbation.

So, I'm not saying to cut out masturbation, but to know that with internet porn, there is a danger I think in sometimes just sort of just doing it because why not.