What Should Couples Do When They Have Mismatched Libidos?

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I think you have to be careful of getting yourself into a sex rut, no wonder there is statistics there more than 40 million Americans in this country are stuck in what they define as sexless relationships, so if your libidos are mismatched it's normal, look sometimes somebody wants to have sex and the other person doesn't but you really have to work to get on the same page and one thing I always advice couples is even if your heart or your head isn't totally into it, try to have sex a minimum of once a week.

I have sort of,try you like it attitude and if you just put yourself through the motions and you sort of let your body start, trust me your mind will follow. Sex ruts begets ruts and sex begets sex. So again sometimes just putting yourself through the motions. The other and it is very important in that you have remember that the brain is the biggest sex organ so very often in long term relationships, couples really just start relying on a few routines, they how to stimulate each other and it's all about the physical moves but they are not mentally as engaged as they could be.

So that is when you have to start talking introducing fantasy, bringing in erotic material, trying a sex toy try some new lingerie, there is even couples who do enjoy watching porn together and it just fun part of their foreplay routine, but remember it is not just about the genitals and it's really about your brains.