How Does Obesity Affect My Sex Life?

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Well, how does obesity affect one's sex life? It really affects one's sex life on a number of levels. Let's be honest, sexual attraction is about just that, being attracted to your partner, feeling attractive, and when you have put on too much weight, when you are clinically obese, you are probably not feeling your most attractive.

That said, you can still have great sex. You can still be overweight and enjoy sex, and there are plenty of people who are able to feel comfortable in their skin. But for all of those people who don't, I think it is important to start dieting, to start exercising and start getting to a place where you have your sexual sense of self-esteem back, and your self confidence back. The other thing, of course, is when you're obese, you're simply not healthy, and there have been many studies that have pointed to the correlation in men of obesity and erectile disorder.

Blood isn't flowing as well to the pelvic area, the metabolism is often slowed down, there are lots other heart issues that affect overall vascularity. So when you're obese, the incidents of sexual dysfunction and sexual problems is much higher, and of course, if you're starting to have sex problems, and you're obese, that's a good way of, sort of, pinpointing the problem.

So, I think, in the end, your sexual health is a barometer of your overall health, and if you're not healthy body, mind and spirit, you're not going to be healthy sexually, either.